Home Depot and Illegal immigration uncovered

As I was pulling into the Home Depot in Torrington, Ct.  I noticed 20-30 men on the roof, removing the insane snow that we’ve had in the northeast.  I said to my fiancee “look at all of those guys on the roof.” 

She replied, “what a big crew.” 

I said to her. “I bet they are mexicans and they came in that bus, hahaha.”  Not actually believing that.

I was walking through the store and I saw 5 men that were mexican and asked them if they were legal and I got the typical response “Yo no hablo.”

I get to the cashier and I asked who was shoveling off the roof?  The cashier says “a team of illegal aliens that was bussed up from Maryland. 

Apparently, they are doing all of the home depots in New England.

I’m a General Contractor and I was there to buy material to make up signs for myself and my guys. 

Home Depot expects local contractors to use their stores to buy material.   When it comes time to hire local contractors to return the favor and thank them for their business in these trying times.  They hire contractors , that make a killing, hiring illegal imigrants. 

I have spent hundreds of thousands of dollars at home depot as have everyone else that I know.  I think everybody should know what is going on in their area.  Every contractor that I know in this state is starving and when this occurs, it just confirms that America has sold itself to the corporations that will do everything to improve their bottom line.  We feed the CEO’s  and theirs.  How about returning the favor and feed those that feed you and yours.

I hope our gov’t will follow these buses as they go through NE from store to store and arrest the contractor and HD. 

Will we see that happen.  I doubt it.  I expect that lobbyists and “friends” will smooth this out.  After all that is who runs our rich mans country anyway, isn’t it?


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